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I joined the www.BigTrailbike.com group in 2003 and I have been enjoying great trips away ever since.  I took my new Tiger
Explorer on the Wales 2 event in October 2012.  The weather was bright, sunny and cold (Frost first thing and -4 degrees). The
scenery in Wales is beautiful,  out of season the roads in Snowdonia National Park were near empty.  I got my Tiger nice and dirty.  
The KTM Adventure riders had 3 front wheel punctures between them which is becoming a common theme.  My Tiger Explorer
coped well in all conditions.  I was still running in and the temperature was cold.  
In May 2013 I rode Scotland and Wales with the BigTrailBike club. In 2014 Wales, Scotland, Pyrennes & Alps
YouTube video of BTBC in Wales March 2012 - 1
YouTube video of BTBC in Wales March 2012 - 3
YouTube video of BTBC in Wales March 2012 - 2
Below - Check out these 3
great on-bike video's taken
by Bill N????? riding his
KTM Adventure on the
BTBC Wales 1 trip back in
March 2012  (I was riding my
White Tiger 1050).
For BTBC members these
sort of trips are what
owning an Adventure bike
is all about
If you would like to contact me please email adrianmol@yahoo.com  
Snowdonia, Wales
Applecross Pass, Scotland
Snowdonia, Wales