Tiger 1200 Explorer - Carbon Bling for your Explorer
I visited the UK Motorcycle Live show in Dec 2012 & 2013.   In 2012 the Tiger 1200 Explorer was clearly the star of the show with bikes displayed on many stands where in previous
years Ducati 916's, Honda Fireblade's, and BMW GS1200's used to rule the roost.  The Explorer is now the best selling bike in the UK so all providers of aftermarket parts were keen to
develop and show off accessories.  This is so different to when I owned my old Tiger 955i when I had to import a screen and crash-bars.  I don't have the desire, or the money, to buy
everything on this page instead I want to illustrate what is available with a rating out of 10 from me.
If you would like to contact me please email - webmaster@adrianmolloy.com
PowerBronze Carbon Heel
Guard 9/10
PowerBronze 7 Piece Carbon Body Kit, expensive but nice 9/10
Holan Engine Bars 9/10 great if you go off road.
Givi also offer full height engine bars 9/10
PowerBronze Carbon Sump Guard - I own one
Various Headlamp Protectors from
PowerBronze, Skidmarx and others10/10
Skidmarx Hugger 6/10
PowerBronze Carbon Hugger 7/10
PowerBronze Extender 8/10
Skidmarx Extender - I own one
PowerBronze Fork Protector 8/10
PowerBronze 8/10
Beowulf Radiator Guard - I own one
My Wish List

I am on the look out for a proper moulded MudSaver or MudSling shock protector.

A toolbox to replace the rear seat pad would be nice.

In 2013 Skidmarx now make nice looking Carbon Handguards for £90.
PowerBronze Carbon Mudguard - I own one