"Tiger Explorer" Luggage Straps  "personalizehut"  
on eBay make  1m long personalised golf trolley
straps in various colors.  I ordered Blue straps
embroidered with "Triumph Explorer" in white.  All 4
straps cost £9.  Seems rude not to.
Tiger 1200 Explorer - Extras 1
Hard Wired Mini USB Charger
Amazon sell a small, 12v  hard wired USB charger.  The
advertised rating is 1000 ma however the label on the unit
states 1,500 ma.  I have tried the adapter connected to my
GPS overnight, the charger stays cool and it charges well.  
The adapter is the size of a small pill box.  I have fitted one
with velcro to the top left of the frame at the front of the
Explorer under the tank behind the plastic cover holding the
accessory socket.  This is connected to my GPS.  I have
also fitted another adapter under the seat to charge my
phone when I'm on or off the bike.  I used a switch in the
circuit.  Now available with Micro USB or Mini SB plug.
My Wunderlich Handlebar bag has been transferred to my
Explorer from my Tiger 1050
Small waterproof Aluminium Boxes in various colours are
sold on eBay for under £2 as Business Card Holders.  I rip
out the card holders on the inside and use the boxes to
store my headphones and earplugs.  Nicely made and
I wanted install the same Symtec Heated Grip kit that I used on my Tiger 1050.  Symtec
supply 2 heating elements in thin mylar which adhere to the handlebars.  I then fit a set
of thin
ProGrip 801 Race Grips over the top (See link to Winding Roads).  The end result
is a Heated Grip which is thinner than a standard unheated Triumph Tiger grip.
It is quite tricky fitting this grip kit on the Tiger Explorer, one for the brave.  I had to turn a
spacer on my lathe for the Clutch side to cover an unsightly gap to my handguards.
Removing the old grip and installing the new grip on the throttle side is not that easy.
TIP: I fix my grips over the Symtec Heating elements with double sided Golf Grip Tape,
first wrap the tape round the bars, then peel off the backing.  I use lighter fuel as the
lubricant to wet the tape and inside the new grip.  The new grip slides on easily  and I
leave overnight to set.  The result is a strong fixing that is not effected by
temperature and is relatively easy to remove once you have cut the old grip off.    I fitted
the switch for the heated grips to the bottom left of the plastic cover that holds the front
accessory plug.
If you want to make use the Accessory Plugs that Triumph fit to
the Tiger Adventure you need to buy some
Hella Din Plugs
from eBay and attach them to your battery charger lead, heated
jacket and whatever else you intend to use.
TIP: The centrepin is positive, the outer negative
Triumph's own
Engine Bars
are a must have as I
take my
Explorer off Road.  
Well made and
installed by Webbs.
As a bonus I can
rest my legs on
them on long trips
I have made my own
Crash Bungs from
40mm PTFE Bar in
order to protect the
Forks and Brake
Calipers in the event
of a minor crash.
If you would like to contact me please email - webmaster@adrianmolloy.com
Neat little Crash Protector for the Swinging Arm
from RandG Racing. Fits into the Hex hole and
fell out on my first ride so not impressed