Tiger 1200 Explorer - Extras 2
I fitted a Mudflap to keep spray and dirt off the Rear Shock and
Suspension Linkages.
In wet weather my rear tyre used to throw
too much mess all over the rear shock and linkages.  To solve
this problem I bought a
CCM 604 Rear Shock Protector Kit from  
eBay.  As supplied it is almost the perfect shape.  You can see
below the small amount I had to trim off to make it fit.  After a
18,000 miles I can confirm this is one of my best modifications.
Sticker Kits Part No MSTS12157 for
£9.99p each.
I have fitted Blue "Triumph" Stickers to
each of my Nomada Panniers and a
Silver  sticker onto the screen.  One
large triangular  sticker is fitted to my
rack and 2 small triangular stickers
on the Pannier lids.  They look
TIP: I removed the battery to enable me to bolt the mud flap
in place, there was plenty of room around the rear wheel to
use a standard cordless drill to make the holes.  
The rear of the battery box on the Explorer seems to have
mouldings that are purpose made to receive a proper shock
protector so hopefully a better Shock Protector may appear
on the market.  Until then my rubber flap will have to do.
My old Tiger Key ring on the left has
ridden 50,000 miles and is now
looking a little sad so I have bought
a new Key ring on the right.  
TIP:  Having a large fluffy Key ring
makes the keys easy to find as a
bonus the fur keeps the triple
clamp nicely polished
If you would like to contact me please email - webmaster@adrianmolloy.com
Skidmarx Fender Extender
for the front mudguard
When I bought my Explorer I
thought it had a good sized
front mudguard.  When
riding in the dry it works
well but once the weather
deteriorates I soon found
that dirt gets flicked all over
the exhaust pipes and the
engine.  Extending the
fender is a must.
I managed to source some
aftermarket levers
for the Tiger
Explorer quite cheaply for £22
from eBay.  Following a lead from
a US based Tiger site the
Explorer uses the same levers as
a Yamaha FJR1200 2003, Buell
1125CR, ZX7R.  The part number
to Google is F14/C777.
These levers offer 6 adjustments,
I have short fingers and they suit
me better than stock.  Well made
and nicely different.