Tiger 1200 Explorer - Extras 3
PowerBronze Carbon Front Mudguard
The mudguard is beautifully made and the carbon
finish is perfect.  Weighs 480 grams, the original
Triumph Mudguard weighs nearly double.  You
have to remove the front wheel to fit.

Beowulf Stainless Radiator Guard.
The radiator cover is nicely finished in polished
stainless steel.  Should stop the odd rock from
causing a leak.
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I bought some cheap Wheel Rim Stickers from eBay in dark blue to match my Tiger's
paintwork.  They look very good on the Tiger.  The blue stands out well and looks better
than the stock bike which is predominantly grey.  They have lasted 10,000 miles and I will
replace them every year.
PowerBronze Carbon Belly Pan.  Also
beautifully made with a perfect carbon
finish.  Weighs 320 grams, the Triumph
Belly Pan weighs 580 grams. It fits using
the OEM bolts and brackets.  The Belly Pan
prevents mud and small stones being
thrown over the engine and exhaust.  It will
not take a bit hit so it is
not a Bash Plate..

The PowerBronze Belly Pan on the left
identical in shape  to the stock Triumph
item on the right.
Headlamp Protector from eBay for £23.  Held on with velcro so I can remove it to
clean or to ride at night.  The shape is nicely moulded to follow the contours of the
stock headlight.