Tiger 1200 Explorer - Fuel Consumption
I am sure anyone using my site will want to see what sort of fuel consumption I am getting.  Listed below is part of my fuel log
using Litres and UK Gallons.  I am surprised how good the fuel consumption is for a 1200.  Long runs cruising up to 85 mph with
panniers seems to give me over 50 mpg (UK).  Typically 200 normal road miles is 18 litres which better than my Tiger 1050. I rode
to Turkey and back and achieved 58mpg at Touring speeds.

Fuel consumption dips when riding with other bikes because sometimes I'm riding  faster than normal, also we ride plenty of
small roads and some off road all of which use more fuel.  When we stop I need slightly less fuel than a GS1200.  KTM 990
Adventures use up to 50% more fuel.  Tiger 800s and GS800s use less fuel.
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LATEST: On my 3,800 mile trip to Norway, Sweden and the Arctic Circle I averaged an incredible 64.3 mpg (UK).  
Norway has a national 80km (50 mph) limit.  In practice it is possible to cruise at 60 to 70 mph but no faster.  Most
of the roads are like UK B Roads which provide excellent riding on a bike, small, twisty and undulating.  The traffic
is very sparse and the views incredible because you generally ride round a Fjord or through a tunnel or up over
a  pass to the next Fjord. There are plenty of tight bends that can be taken cranked right over.  There is no need
to speed to enjoy yourself.  A super trip on an excellent bike.