Fitting the Nomada Pro Panniers to my Tiger 1200
If you have read my other Tiger pages you will know that I do not like wide pannier setups.  I wanted to fit some nice looking  Aluminium Panniers and after much research I chose  
Holan Nomada Pro 31 Litre Panniers.  They cost 180 Euro each, the panniers are well made. Holan are based in Poland.
Link to Holan - Nomada Pro Website
In order to fit the panniers as close as possible to the Tiger Explorer mountings I decided to fit the Remus Powercone Silencer from my Tiger 1050 (See 1200 Exhaust Pages).
Otherwise I would have had to space out the panniers to clear the stock exhaust.  The end result is I now have 62 litres of storage space using high quality aluminium panniers which
are just 80cm or 31.5"  wide at the widest point.  This measurement is important because it means the panniers are narrower than my handlebars, so I can be 100% confident that
my luggage will get through any gap wide enough for the bars (In the UK & Europe we are allowed to filter between slow moving and stationary traffic).
I am delighted with this setup and the Nomada panniers are strong, practical, well made and top loading.  They look really good on the Explorer.  This was a great engineering project
and it makes my Tiger Explorer unique. I now loosely zip  tie the lids to my bike because if you don't lock the catches before setting off they err disappear.  Dooh!
Triumph Tiger 1200 fitted with Holan - Nomada Pro Panniers & Smaller Luggage Rack
Components for the brackets
My pannier mountings were made from 40mm x 6mm steel
with cutting and welding, grinding and drilling, sanding and
painting, screwing and bolting.  Long M5 bolts pass through
my brackets, underneath the Tiger mountings to hold the
panniers in place.
The standard Triumph Explorer Rack (shown on the left )
is beautifully cast in Aluminium and weighs 1.4 Kgs.  I
never carry a pillion and I prefer not to use a top box so I
have no need for the grab rails or for anything quite as
I took a saw to the BMW Funduro rack and cut the grab
handles off (far right).  I made brackets and spacers to
attach the small remaining rack behind the pillion seat. I
then sprayed the rack with black bumper paint.  I think it
looks great and it provides extra fixing points for bungies.  
Incidentally BMW Adventure parts are of inferior quality
being made of plastic not aluminium. The new smaller
rack  is lighter it only weighs 746g with fittings.  Funny how
road testers never notice the plastics, GS1150 riders did.
Smaller Luggage Rack
I have removed the standard Triumph Explorer Luggage Rack and replaced it
with a Rack from a BMW Funduro bought off eBay for 99p.  I like the slim,
minimalistic look.
Total width only 80cm or 31.5 inches..
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