Tiger 1200 Explorer - Wheels Painted Silver
At 20,000 miles while the tyres were off the rims I had the wheels painted silver, I decided to have the wheels painted silver because the standard stain grey
finish is dull and a magnet for dirt and brake dust. To my eyes the Explorer never looks clean for long.  I am hoping Silver will look better for longer.
My Tiger Explorer at 20,000 miles with Silver wheels and (below) 1 week earlier with standard wheels
My rear wheel cleaned and polished (again!)
Same day, same wheel after 25 miles on damp roads, no rain.  
All the shine has gone leaving the usual dull & dirty look
It is February in the UK and ironically the sun was too bright to get the true colour of the new silver wheels. To the eye they closely match the silver
foot pegs.

I rode a further 5,000 miles with the silver wheels, I think they really improved the look of the bike.  They always looked cleaner and brighter than
standard.  They never looked dull and dirty  for long because rain would wash the worst of the dirt away, even on my 3,800 mile trip round Norway &
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