Fitting the Remus Powercone silencer from my Tiger 1050
In order to fit the Holan - Nomada Pro Aluminium Panniers to my new Explorer I decided to take the Remus Powercone Silencer off my Tiger 1050 and install it on my Tiger Explorer.  
This involved making a new link pipe and a custom mount.  I love to undertake this sort of project.  On the downside I had to remove the centre stand and modify it.  The ECU on my
Explorer has adapted well to the new silencer.  I visited Webbs, they only have 3 tunes on file.  The standard tune, one restricted for France and another restricted for Germany.  No
special tune is required for the Arrow Exhaust.  (This disproves some ridiculous posts on the WWW  from owners talking about tunes that do not exist).  I'm happy using the standard
tune as the bike is running well.  No need to check my Explorer on a rolling road to measure the BHP and analyse the exhaust gas.
On Trackdays the noise output has been measured at 98db at a constant 5,500 revs which is way below the 105 db limit.  On the road the Remus does seem quieter than it did on my
Tiger 1050 but it still sounds louder than the stock Explorer.  My Remus burbles in tickover with a nice rasp when I rev it and it sounds great on the overrun with a few farty pop pops.
Many of the people I ride with compliment the amazing triple sound produced by the Remus
Fitting saves 4kgs in weight from stock.  I have ridden over 16,000 miles with this exhaust and the fuelling is perfect.
Triumph Tiger 1200 fitted with a Remus Powercone Silencer
Comparing my Remus Powercone with the standard Exhaust
I made this Exhaust Link
from a 2.25 inch OD
stainless pipe with a 45
degree bend.  At one end
there is a stepped adapter
to connect to the Adventure
collector box  1.75" OD to
54mm OD.  At the other
end is a second adapter  
54mm OD to 53.5mm OD
for the Remus to slip on
I bought all the
components from eBay for
about £20
I made a custom
exhaust mount

from 2 strips of
20mm x 3mm
stainless.  From the
side they are
hidden behind the
pillion footrest
My custom made large bore link pipe looks fat and rather sexy compared with stock
The view from behind is nice and
should confuse anyone who follows me
- What on earth is he riding???
I have endeavoured to get the angle of the Remus to follow the frame
In order to re-fit the centrestand I had to have a new section of steel tube  welded on the outside then I
removed a section of the  original leg to clear my new link pipe.
Even though this modified
stand is wider than stock I
had to heat and then beat an
indent into the link pipe to
ensure there was sufficient  
clearance for the centrestand
when retracted.
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