Tiger Explorer SatNav
I love SatNav / GPS so the first modification I made was to fit
the Triumph Explorer GPS Mount.  The mount is CNC
machined from Aluminium. It is easy to fit, mounts the GPS up
above the Speedo and projects it towards the rider.  A great
Triumph accessory.
Tiger 1200 Explorer - SatNav / GPS Samsung Tab 3 7.0 (Sept 2013 to Sept 2014)
If you read my Misc Bike Pages you will see articles about my previous Garmin, TomTom and 5" Chinese SatNavs.  In September 2013 I upgraded my Satnav to a Samsung Galaxy
Tab 3 7.0 inch tablet.
 I chose the Tab 3 because it was the smallest 7 inch tablet available.  Cost was a reasonable £135 or less in the UK.  I use the Sygic Navigation app which
uses the same maps as TomTom.  Sygic offer all 43 maps of Europe for £23. The user selects maps to upload onto the device so no Internet connection is required on the move.  
The mapping is superb compared to dedicated SatNavs.  Even small cities like Peterborough are getting detailed 3D buildings. This setup looks a bit over the top but the Sat Nav is
very good.  In use the Tab 3 laced grunt and some days it took a while to find satellites but every other solution I have used over the years was the same.
In these photos I show my
Samsung Tab 3 7.0 GPS fitted to
the Triumph GPS mount on my
Tiger Explorer using my home
mount nicknamed the "Bus
Shelter" as a weatherproof shield.

This is a good SatNav /GPS  
setup. The screen is good and
works well in most light
conditions.  I can see things at a
glance, no straining to view tiny
screens on the move. GPS lock
speed compares well to Garmin.  
I can play music on the move and
link to my headphones via
bluetooth or the earphone socket.
Best of all have a 7 inch Android
Tablet to use for route planning
and when relaxing in the
evenings. Battery life is a huge 6
hours.  So I only need to use a
micro USB charger on long trips.

I bought a short "Left angle" mini
USB extension lead which fits
snug to the tablet.  I install the Tab
3 with the USB port on the left and
On/Off + Volume buttons at the
bottom so I can access them on
the move.

I use the Tablet in my car as well,
it is good but all the surrounding
car bodywork can sometimes
make it struggle to locate
satellites, most days it is fine.
Actual Screen shot from my Samsung Tab 3 7.0 in Snowdonia, just amazing. Like watching a video
A few tips for using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.  This Tablet has a mid range processor and 1Gb of ram
so keep unnecessary apps to a minimum.  I use 3 main apps to keep things running smoothly - Clean Master
(run daily to free up RAM),  GPS Test Pro to locate satellites and update AGPS and Samsung Music Player for
my MP3's.   I use a fast 32GB class 10 SDHC card to store my MP3's.  I set the Bluetooth on the Tab 3 to link to
a Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth receiver (£35) and plug my headphones in to that so no wires  Whoopee!
If the Tab 3 is slow to find satellites reboot it because this gets rid of all the residual rubbish that builds up in
Never apply Sygic upgrades on tour unless you have good WiFi and a whole evening to spare because Sygic
usually requires every single map to be updated which in my case can be over 1 Gigabyte.
In heavy rain water droplets on the screen can cause it to flicker and behave annoyingly but the sound stays
on.   I really need to design a rain cover however this set up worked in Wales, Scotland, Alps and Pyrenees
through some appalling weather.
My SatNav / GPS holder (above) was made from 3mm perspex for the base
and 2mm perspex for the top and sides.  This can be bought cheaply from
eBay in A4 sheets. I cut to size then glue together with 5 minute epoxy and
cover with Carbon effect fablon. I fit a cheap Gel case to the Tablet and I use
top quality 3M Velcro self adhesive strips to attach the back of the Gel Case to
my perspex mount.  I use the hook strips on the mount and thinner loop
strips on the back of the Gel case.  The Triumph Explorer mount is attached
with 4mm countersunk bolts.  With the benefit of hindsight I now use plywood
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