Tiger 1200 Explorer - SatNav / GPS / Video Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 2014 on
My Samsung Tab 3 7.0 was good but I wanted a brighter screen with higher resolution, better Satellite connectivity
and a more powerful processor to ensure that would run everything lag free.  I managed to pick up a Galaxy Tab
Pro 8.4 for around £200 (Cost £350 when launched). Bargain!  The Tab Pro is a stunning tablet, screen resolution
is amazing, it is so bright, so fast and I can sit anywhere indoors or out and connect to satellites in a seconds.  To
mount the Tab Pro I had to build a bigger "Bus Shelter" from 3mm and 4mm perspex glued together with Devcon 5
min Epoxy and covered in Carbon effect Fablon.
Everyone is really impressed but they all ask - Is the big screen a distraction?  Definitely not, I only need a quick
glance to view the map, identify my road location, read place names and street names.  No more straining at a 3.5
inch Garmin screen at 80mph trying to identify place names in a foreign language.
I use the Sygic SatNav App with European Maps which gives me 43 countries including former Soviet block, Turkey
and the Balkans with lifetime updates for around £30.  The maps are the same as TomTom.  The graphics are
superb, especially in 3D and most major cities have 3D buildings and landmarks.  Places like London and Paris are
like virtual animation, the picture bottom right shows Harrods on the Brompton road with the Albert Hall in the
distance, the photos do not do it justice.
Video Recording
The Tab Pro will record video in 1080p HD and I have since used it successfully as a video recorder.  I mounted it
with the lens top left and cut a small hole in my perspex mount and another small hole in the screen to shoot videos
through.  Sounds drastic but with GoPro's costing hundreds of pounds I should have a better setup, I will be able
review the image as it is recorded and I will have all the editing tools on the tablet. No more dud videos.  
I connect to my SatNav over Bluetooth using as Samsung HS3000
Bluetooth receiver, Audio Technica ANC23 sound reducing earphones
and Comply T-400 soft ear buds.
If you would like to contact me please email - webmaster@adrianmolloy.com