Tiger 1200 Explorer - Screen Options available
Listed on this page are some of the aftermarket screen options I have discovered on the WWW.
I am 5'8" and my Explorer has the
best standard screen I have experienced, much better than my previous Tigers with their aftermarket screens.  The Explorer screen is adjustable for
rake, I set my screen 2 or 3 notches up from the lowest setting.  At 70mph this deflects all the air over my helmet, If duck down behind the screen it makes no difference which proves
that I am getting full protection while sitting upright.  What more could I want? Maybe a wider screen for long tours
but in hot climates or wet weather I need to keep air flowing to my
helmet so I will stay with the stock screen.   I like Adventure bikes because they offer good protection without completely isolating the rider, unlike the huge screen and fairing fitted to a
big tourer, this makes for a more involving ride.
I am not seeking to recommend any particular screen, it is good to have so many options available for the Explorer.  If I buy anything it will be probably be the Triumph Touring Screen
because I think it looks best on the bike. Taller riders now have plenty of options to chose from.  On my Tiger 955i I used a Cee-Bailey screen which was well made.
Skidmarx FlipUp
Triumph Touring Screen
Puig above & below
Givi Sliding AF6403
Palmer Products Screen Adapter
PowerBronze Tall
Laminar Lip
Calsci Large
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