Tiger 1200 Explorer - Track Days
I rode a Track Day at Snetterton in April
2013.  The Explorer handled well and
was great fun, much better than I
thought.  I can keep ahead of 600's
without going past 8,000 revs.  Out of 30
bikes on the Novice Group  only the same
3 came past all day.
I had a long dice with a standard 2013
CBR1000 Fireblade.  The Explorer lives
with the Honda up to 110mph then the
Honda can pull out 50 yards.  I found the
Tiger is quicker squirting between bends
in 3rd gear so I got past every session.  
The Explorer is closer to 1 litre sports
bikes than my Tiger 1050 and huge fun.  
I also went to Rockingham in Aug 2013
but it rained so hard only full wets were
allowed on track, very frustrating.
In June  2014 I rode Cadwell on a lovely
warm evening, brilliant fun.
Me hunting down a 2013 CBR1000 Fireblade. Great fun. The Explorer was definitely
quicker out of the slow corners. The blade just pulls away over 110 mph
You really can ride any bike on a track, for instance there was a 20 year old FJ1100 in my pit garage which was raced in the
Pre-Injection class.  VFR 400s are often seen. I prefer the Novice group because I don't want to be mixing with riders on tuned 1 litre
bikes on soft qualifying tyres heated with tyre warmers, I would just get in the way with my road biased Sport / Touring tyres.  There
are always a few such bikes in the Novice group, especially at Cadwell, bless 'em.
Why do the photographers take their pictures on the siting laps?  On later sessions I
was touching my pegs down most corners. There are no hero blobs on the Explorer.
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