Tiger 1200 Explorer - Trips Planned 2014
I toured Wales in March and Scotland in May 2014 with the Big Trail Bike Club.  This included riding from John O'Groats along the top of Scotland to Tongue and then home to
Cambridgeshire in one day, around 700 miles.  I had intended to stop for the night but it started raining hard and I kept chasing bright skies in the distance, by the time I overtook the rain
was only 100 miles from home so I kept going.  The Explorer makes it easy to cover long distances in a day.  400 miles is easily achieved on 2 tanks of fuel, I tend to ride the first tank in
one stint, refuel and take my time on the second tank with stops and detours.
In July I travelled through France to the Pyrenees staying in Sort, Spain.  Then along the Pyrenees and up to the Millau Bridge.  The next day we rode east taking the Tarn Gorge and took a
big loop south before staying in Bardonecchia in the Italian Alps.  Altogether around 3,000 miles in 11 days.  Great biking roads in spite of heavy rain for the first 3 days.  In  the last 2 years
I have ridden my Explorer through some atrocious weather.
Meal stop, Devils Bridge Wales
Arctic Convoy Memorial, Scotland
Riding a tight Gorge road in central France
Millau Bridge, France
Riding down the Stella, bit muddy this year. The was an R1 at the top
and a 2 up CX500 so any well ridden bike can make it
Riding up Mont Sommelier on the
2014 Stella Alpina Rally
Riding the Smugglers trail into Andorra from Spain
Somewhere high in the Italian Alps, maybe
Col D'Angel
4 photos from northern Scotland in May 2014
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