Tiger 1200 Explorer - Tyre Options for Fast Road Touring
I am not a big fan of the Metzeler Tourance EXP tyres that were supplied with my Explorer.  I felt that the rear tyre had a profile that
is too tall which meant it was impossible to ride to the edge of the tyre.  In the pictures below on the left is my rear tyre and on the
right the tyre from my friends BMW GS1200 after riding 100 miles together in mixed October weather.  Our front tyres looked the
same however I don't think I was getting the full amount of grip from the rear tyre when cranked over.  
Dunlop Roadsmart 2
Michelin Pilot Road
After 3 sets of Dunlop Roadsmart II tyres I have had a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 4 (Trail) tyres installed.  I really liked my
Roadsmart II's, on my Track Days I have given them a good workout.  The Roadsmart II's offer plenty of grip and are stable under
continued heavy braking.  However the front tyre on my 3rd set was wearing unevenly, from new it had been difficult to fit and was
well out of balance. I have ridden the
Michelin Pilot Road 4's round Wales in mixed weather and now to the Arctic Circle and back.  
These tyres are excellent.  Wet weather grip is the best I have experienced, even better than Roadsmart's. The ride is smooth,
turn-in is natural and they last well. I like them.
Removing the wheels
I invested in a Motorcycle ramp from KMS, £300
on Amazon buys the largest ramp.  I can remove
both wheels on the Explorer and lower the front
wheel through the built in opening, It is so much
easier to work on a bike raised off the ground.
Should have bought one years ago.
The front tyre on my 3rd set of Roadsmart's fitted n 2014 never felt right at low speed.  I noticed that the tyre
suffers from cupping, the photo below shows how the tread has worn uneven at 6,000 miles.  Possibly due to
heavy braking which is lifting the leading edge of the tread.  This is not good as I could feel the front wheel
pattering below 40 mph.  So after 3 sets or Roadsmart's I have switched to Michelin's in spring 2015. For the
record this Roadsmart was fitted and balanced correctly.
It is important for UK bikers riding in the Alps to leave enough tread for
the long haul home up through France!  This Roadsmart tyre
de-laminated on ride up from Dover. I was keeping to 60mph. I have
never had a tyre degrade so quickly before.
The best Road/Touring tyre options are:
My Michelin Pilot Road 4 (Trail) tyres
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