STOP PRESS: In June 2015 my Explorer returned from a 3,800 mile trip round Norway, Sweden and the
Arctic Circle.  After 3 years of trouble free ownership I decided to trade down to a new Tiger 800XCX,
sad to see my Explorer go.
My Explorer had covered 26,000 miles.  I really liked my last set of Michelin Pilot Road 4 (Trail) tyres and my
silver painted wheels.  I still loved the Explorer, the combination of power, handling, suspension and useful
features like traction control, ABS, cruise, trip computer etc make it a great bike to ride.  I have ridden mine to
Turkey and back, round the Pyrenees, the Alps, Scotland (Twice) and Wales (4 times).  My longest day in the
saddle was 700 miles.  I also rode 3 Trackdays.  Throughout my Explorer performed faultlessly.  At 3 years of age
my Explorer had reached the critical point where I either kept it for a few more years or traded it in before the
updated Explorer is launched in 2016 (I kept my 1050 too long and it depreciated badly)  
For me the main attraction of the new Tiger 800 XCX is it lighter weight, excellent White Power Suspension and
the fact it comes with all the toys which I could no longer live without.  I will miss the effortless power of the 1200
motor but in most other respects the 800 can keep the smile on my face.  Another consideration is my
circumstances have changed, when my second bike was a CCM400 or my Victory Vegas my Tiger Explorer
doubled as a sports bike.  Now I own an MV Brutale 990R I have an amazing sports bike in the garage so owning
a specialist an 800 Adventure makes more sense.
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Last updated 29 September 2015
Second Tiger Explorer Accessory Video, no Panniers
First Tiger Explorer Video with Panniers
Turkey Trip 2013 Photos on Flickr
The famous Sphinx at Galipoli in Turkey where the Australians landed in WW1
Two Tiger Explorers on Kos (probably the only UK Explorers ever to visit Kos)
Hotel overlooking Lake Bled in Slovenia.
Some amazing roads in western Bosnia
The roads in Norway are the best I have ever ridden,
polite drivers and so little traffic
July 2014 part way up Mont Sommelier on the Stella Alpina
My Explorer ion the TOMCC stand at MCN Live looking good at  20,000 miles